What if we could connect every person living with MS? Every person who cares about someone with MS. Every family affected by it. Everyone who has seen what this disease can do to people. What if we could come together, even one day a year, to show the power of our connections?

On Saturday, October 26 that’s exactly what JWTC did. JWTC came together to walk strong with the Soaring Sparrows, a team formed for JWTC Superintendent Clay Well’s wife, Shannon Wells. Shannon wanted to form a team because she wanted to advocate for change and help people like herself – with MS. Shannon believes that “with each step we take, we come closer to making an MS free world!”, and JWTC took this to heart.

Several of our JWTC staff has had family or friends affected by MS and having this hit so close to home, we decided to be a part of this great cause and help bring awareness to this disease. On Saturday, JWTC walked not only for Shannon but all those affected by MS, and we will continue to “Walk the Walk and Fight the Fight”.

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With over thirty-five years in this industry, JWTC understands the importance of mobilization, and is well-equipped to move rapidly into affected areas and respond to needs on the ground.

Giving Back

At JWTC, we strongly believe in the power of serving others and we strive to be a part of something much bigger than ourselves. That is why we feel it is important to give back to our community and beyond. Learn more about some of the ways we serve — click here.


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