JWTC builds the 1st of 800 homes in the Lower Rio Grande Valley

Hurricane Dolly home built with FEMA dollars

RAYMONDVILLE, TEXAS (KVEO NEWS CENTER 23) — "I always talk to god and ask if I would have a beautiful home and look he heard my prayers and I thank him every day for what he has given me." Said Homeowner Norma Lopez

It's been a long time coming for Norma Lopez, This is her brand new home. Her old one was demolished, and this one was built with funding from FEMA.

"This is the first home in the state of Texas built with Hurricane Dolly Round 2 monies, we are very excited to have it start in Raymondville where the Hurricane came on shore and did a lot of damage, and this is the first of 800 homes to be built in the Rio Grande Valley."

Lopez says this is a big change from her old home.

"That was from Hurricane Dolly, water went into my kitchen, my bathroom, there was water all over the house."said Lopez.

Lopez continued to live in her old home following the hurricane..She said she did her best remove the mold and replace shingles following the hurricane, but now she doesn't have to worry about anything anymore, with her new beautiful home.

"This is one of the bedrooms, big compared to the bathroom I had, this is big."said Lopez.

The bathroom is also handicap accessible.

"It’s going to help me a lot because I have fallen before because of my back, and its going to help a lot, I am very happy with it." Said Lopez.

The Rio Grande Valley received $122 million worth of federal funding the built new homes. As we speak 8 out of the 800 homes are currently being built.

All the homes are expected to be built before 2015.

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